Gholamreza Zare
6 min readAug 9, 2022

“You were born to succeed” is the greatest lie in personal development’s history, and here are the reasons.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

An easy way to inspect yourself

When the balloon bursts, it realizes that it is filled with the same air outside and has nothing of its own. It is better to take a needle from time to time and hit the balloons of life with a critical view to reveal their reality to you. Most of the phenomena around us have a bright appearance, but they have engulfed our whole life like a black hole. Our eyes are closed to reality until we brake and look at them critically.

The weight of the future is more remarkable than today’s life for most of us. Also, longing for the past occupies more of our minds. In today’s narrow corridor, life will not be pleasant. Provide more space.

Many people lose themselves today to have a bright future. In their desire for success, they look outside themselves and consider their search as a sign of reason and wisdom. They drown in their tomorrow and imaginary dreams at the cost of losing today’s reality.

Time limitation

Spring blossoms do not have much time to enjoy their freshness, just as the winter snow melts a little later. If you are looking for success instead of living, your eyes will open one day, and you will see that all your dreams, like your life, have evaporated. It may be too late that day, and you may even have lost the joy of living. So think now and do not look at the phenomena as you planned.

Media effects

Remember, we live in an age where all the media and the outside world target our brains.

The media manipulate the weight of many words in our minds. Look at children’s behavior that has yet to be influenced by the media. What do you observe but joy and vitality? What about the behavior of many elders in society? Have you noticed anything other than endless greed and a desire to increase?

Success as a product

Success and motivation are today’s glamorous goods sold almost everywhere, and people who are addicted to success equate it with money, and they do not even suspect that their path may be wrong. Various media…