The Beggar Man In A Bazaar Taught Me A Lot.

Gholamreza Zare
4 min readAug 8, 2021

The story that I want to share now is an inspiring and symbolic story with some brilliant lessons for your work and life. It is about a beggar that seems to be a foolish man in an old-style bazaar. Still, his strategy worked for him to collect more money fantastically.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

People used to laugh at somebody every day who begged in the bazaar. Because they presented two coins to him: a gold coin and a silver coin, still, he always picked the silver coin! So, people talked about his funny behavior throughout the region. Many people spend their silver coins to see him and get entertainment.

People would offer him two coins, and he would always choose the silver one because, despite a default thought, he thought that the silver coin is worth more than the gold one. Still, they made fun of him and laughed at him for being so foolish.

Until a kind man arrived and he got annoyed by how they made fun of this man. So, the man led him into a cozy corner of the square and directed him: “Whenever two coins are offered to you, take the gold one. In this situation, you gain more money, plus you don’t have to deal with their jokes.”

The beggar replied: “That’s likely true, but if I accept the gold coin, these people won’t give me money to prove I’m stupider than they are! You have no idea how much money I have earned with this easy trick!”

That’s a simple story, right. But let’s learn some beautiful lessons from it.

The story shows that he focused on the long-term business rather than pursuing immediate gratification. His business is, therefore, able to stay profitable and alive using this simple strategy. When you think about this valuable feature, he seems a knowledgeable man. Many successful people talk about their patients and resistance in their selected ways. The long-term strategy is so like planting a tree. In this case, getting the delicious fruits needs time and support as two significant factors.

Also, the beggar man is so intelligent; he uses the Low-Cost Strategy to improve his “begging” business. Companies use the low-cost strategy to attract consumers and gain market share by offering a low price. It generally uses when the product lacks competitive advantages or can achieve economies of scale through…



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