How SELF-IMPROVEMENT Made You A Better Person?

Gholamreza Zare
9 min readJul 22, 2021

Humankind has always explored itself as a mysterious phenomenon in nature since the beginning of time. Every answer to the “How are you?” question leads you to discover other aspects of your existence in life. Also, there is a strong belief that you must know yourself for any success in the world.

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Nowadays, most people like to think about improving themselves. Thus, even though the environment plays a significant role in every win or failure, self-improvement is one of the leading success factors in society. Positive social factors increase success, while negative ones contribute to the loss. By tuning both positive and negative social aspects, self-improvement activities can reduce the risk of failure.

The first step in improving yourself is to realize who you are, what you want, and why the answers to those concerns are necessary. The truth is that self-improvement begins with explicit knowledge of who you are in terms of personality and potential. Once you discover your ideas and goals as well as your world, you will be successful. This story explains why it is crucial to get to know yourself, do that, and become a better person based on self-improvement.

Learn More About Yourself

Many people don’t know themselves clearly through life. You should never expect a banana tree to sprout from the soil if you plant and take care of an apple tree seed.

In practice, if an individual behaves differently than how they desire, they will never be capable of becoming who they wish to become. So, you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t take action toward them, even if you have an unmistakable and clear idea of what you want. You can’t just want to be someone, but you must take action to become someone else. It is common for us to claim things about ourselves, but do we actually live up to our claims?

As you identify your strength and weakness, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are. There is no perfect human being, and we cannot be born with flaws that we cannot fix. You know that there is some weakness in every human being, and getting success in every idea requires some effort. In contrast, every skill and talent we have does not guarantee our success in a particular field.



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