This story will teach you ten disregarding laws to help you achieve your goals and change you into a successful person. These ten rules are the real-world guidelines that can revolutionize your lifestyle. To have a meaningful life, you cannot put it down and continue to reread and practice them perpetually. So, I absolutely recommend it to someone interested in growing in today’s world. I hope you enjoy this wonderful gift and share it with others you love.

Many have offered valuable success tips, but there is one significant difference. Here I have reached these points by research. …

The story that I want to share now is an inspiring and symbolic story with some brilliant lessons for your work and life. It is about a beggar that seems to be a foolish man in an old-style bazaar. Still, his strategy worked for him to collect more money fantastically.

People used to laugh at somebody every day who begged in the bazaar. Because they presented two coins to him: a gold coin and a silver coin, still, he always picked the silver coin! So, people talked about his funny behavior throughout the region. …

Humankind has always explored itself as a mysterious phenomenon in nature since the beginning of time. Every answer to the “How are you?” question leads you to discover other aspects of your existence in life. Also, there is a strong belief that you must know yourself for any success in the world.

Nowadays, most people like to think about improving themselves. Thus, even though the environment plays a significant role in every win or failure, self-improvement is one of the leading success factors in society. Positive social factors increase success, while negative ones contribute to the loss. …

You must evaluate the path of your life in all its dimensions like any other phenomenon. So, make sure to re-evaluate your relationship if any of these 5 warning signs are present before it’s too late.

You may have some friends who may upset you because their opinions and viewpoints differ from yours significantly. So, their behaviors or words may bother you. If their behaviors do not repeat, accepting them will not make your life more difficult. Otherwise, their repetition can become a source of tension for you. …

The mind does not analyze many behaviors because of habits. One of these habits is spending time with people around us who may be toxic listeners. The more time you spend with these people, the more destructive effects on your life. This story describes four significant traits of toxic listeners for shunning them.

Because you are a part of society, your life is influenced by the people around you. So they may affect the completion or ruin of your tasks and plans. They can even change your mood. …

How to deal with feelings of inadequacy? You’re not good enough.” What a familiar whisper, isn’t it? Even if your confidence is at 100%, the experience of hearing it will send your head in a blue mood and unpleasant feeling.

A beautiful tiny seed of a shiny red apple was frightened when it stared at the mature apple tree in the garden. It was near 10 A.M., and it could barely see the brights white clouds in the sky through the tree’s thick branches and glorious leaves from the ground under the tree. The tree’s majesty, like a playground, was…

Stop telling lies that come from your thought space and become responsible in your everyday life.

It seems that a particular embedded system in the brain of every human being forces him/her to search and discover the environment. It makes possible the learning of how to live for us. Also, it helps us face the problems and challenges that occur in our lives as well as engaging and pleasant situations. All of us search for how to live more and increase the quality of our lifestyle.

So, our brains have many internal patterns and execute them without any deep thinking…

Stop making constant noises. As light gives plants life, silence is like it does for you.

Though it has its own emotions, living in the hustle and bustle takes you away from peace. Many people need a quiet and peaceful space to focus on their work. The need for peace is a natural desire of the human mind.

In the murmur of thoughts, the silence creates innovative ideas. The rest you give to your brain prepares it to analyze the mental space, and the result of silence will be the soothing of your being.

Imagine a piece of beautiful and…

The river of our attitudes flows in any direction we decide. In today’s society, this direction is often in the hands of culture and media. Thus, your attitude and environment are two critical factors in personal development rules. So, you learn to overcome your life’s culture and community effects by overcoming the mindset and belief system that your attitude comes from.

Many writers and advisors encourage people to have a positive attitude. I think they interpret a positive outlook into just a hopeful and optimistic view. For a healthy life, we need a balance between positive and negative attitudes.


Paying attention to different options in anything may distract us from its essence.

The meaning of sentences does not depend on their length. Your mind can extract a world of sense from a seemingly short sentence.

Many quotes play the role of gold and silver mines, and whatever we pull, they still have something to say in their hearts.

I think short sentences are like a zip file that opens up in mind over time.

Gholamreza Zare

Writer, Coder, Ph.D. candidate (Computer Software engineering), IT Manager,,,

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